Sunday, July 11, 2010

Want a place of our own

We've always wanted a place of our own but we couldn't figure yet how we can afford it, what with the rising costs of living and especially with two kids. Before Ondoy, we were contemplating on maybe using one of my mother-in-law's lots and build a small house just enough for us, even one of those prefabricated steel buildings. However, the floods caused by Ondoy made us rethink our plans.

Now, we're back to square one. My mom has given me a loan, enough for me to buy a small studio unit. But it's rather small for our purposes, so for the moment we have decided to derive income from it by renting it out. Which I think is a good idea, since it would be a good investment if we use it that way. Our long term plan now includes saving up for our home, even a small one that would fit us. Renting is an option, but we'd rather buy if we can afford the mortgage.

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