Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden investment

With all the ups and downs our economy is experiencing, it may be wiser to invest in something whose value is not as fickle.

While most investors would generally favor traditional instruments like stocks, bonds, treasury bills and the likes and mutual funds are generally based on these, it is undeniable that it's pretty to difficult the value of these instruments at any given time. In addition to investing in these instruments, it may be wise to also buy gold coins, jewelry or other non-traditional forms of investment. Some invest in art but I am personally wary of doing so because it is not something I am familiar with, hence I will not know if the money I am going to sink in will be worth it and will earn in the long run.

I say gold because it is universally accepted as precious, generally easy to understand (unlike art or stocks or mutual funds) and coins because they are easy to keep, easy to dispose, easy to pass on to your children. Unlike stocks and bonds, there is generally no risk of losing the value over time or when a company goes belly up.

Gold has been around for centuries and will remain to do so. There are sellers (even online) like the United States Gold Bureau who seem reliable and who make such investments so much easier.

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