Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home based businesses

My husband and I are looking for a profitable home based business that we could do in addition to our profession.
Why do we prefer home based? These are the reasons that come to mind:
  • Less fees involved with setup.
  • No or less travel involved. Hence less effort, time and money wasted.
  • More time with the family.
  • Easier to control.
  • Some of things used for business can be "borrowed" for family use. Examples would be the telephone connection, internet, fax, computers etc.
Of course there are also cons to these. Like difficulty to delineate between workplace and home. People asking you to do things since you're "home" anyway "without a job". And hiring employees. I don't know about you, but I'm kinda wary of letting strangers into my personal abode.

But then, I think this setup is something that we would like to aim for. We do need an additional source of income as we spend more and more for essentials.

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