Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am a very laid back person with very limited taste in adventure. So, no atv racing, no triathlon, no diving (unless hubby could convince me) for me. Give me a book, a comfortable chair and time and I'd be happily reading away.

Is this good?

I guess for me it is. I do not have a lot of "luhos" (wants) that are expensive. This benefits both me and and my family because I do not really spend a lot beyond my needs. And if I feel that I want something, I pause a bit, sleep on it, and if I find that the desire passes, then I do not go and buy it. I do NOT need this, I can live without it, and since I do not have the extra money, I do not go out and buy it.


Xavier R. said...

It is very commendable that you can live like this, albeit that I believe it could possibly be a struggle, but perhaps not for you. I myself spend thousands of dollars on musical equipment, but I feel that to be more of a need, as unbelievable as that might be construed.

Xavier R. said...

I find it very commendable that you can live in such a manner, albeit aside seeing how you seem to really enjoy that method of life. I personally spend thousands of dollars of musical equipment, but see that is more of a need than anything else, if that could be believable at all.

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