Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slim and healthy?

I think it's ironic. Centuries ago, in ancient China, people prefer a more rotund body as they believe that it's a sign of wealth. Because only wealthy people can afford expensive and plentiful food and also to lounge around. People who are poor can only afford ordinary foods. Not only that, they have to work for their keep -- that usually means hard physical labor.

Nowadays, people prefer the lean body type. This is seen as sexier and more healthy looking. But so many people still shun hard physical labor (or are too busy with their work) and would rather look out for the diet pill that works for them, making it easier to have the body that Hollywood and the catwalks set as the ideals.

Standards of beauty will always change. What's important is that we maintain our health. And while a slimmer body really is a healthier one, it is equally important to find a technique to achieve it that is safe and effective. Exercise and diet is the logical first step. Then maybe a doctor-guided program of supplements and/or surgery, if it is truly warranted.

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