Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great skin (and body) for less!

My skin has never been great especially when I hit my twenties. I had some derma visits before but it was pretty expensive twenty years ago (ugh, showing my age here)and I couldn't maintain the visits, not just because I didn't have the budget but also because it was not easy to find time to go to the derma (ask any med student how his typical day is like and you'll get why).

That's why the offer from ensogo for 80% off a beauty package at Vigen Beauty Care is very enticing to me. While I'm already at the age when acne is less of a problem (hence I didn't really look into md clear reviews anymore for myself but for the teenagers of my family and acquaintance, I'm starting to show fine lines and look much older.  I need some face pampering and I believe some of you may be interested in this too!  Click here to register at Ensogo and get this deal and many other great deals besides!

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