Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gift shopping time!

Tis the season for shopping for gifts! I see it in the crowded malls, the holiday traffic, the mad rush for reasonably priced gifts (because the Christmas list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer every year!)

I like giving gifts that I am sure will be used by the recipient. For example, I just recently gave a pack of diapers as a baptismal present because that's what I am very sure will get used. Since it was a third baby, I'm sure the parents already have all the other stuff. Giving wrestling singlets to a little boy who doesn't care a whit about wrestling just is not a good idea, but give it to a wresting enthusiast who adores Batista and he'll appreciate it a lot! I'm planning to give away some Hello Kitty mosquito wrist bands to little girls since Dengue season is still very much around -- they are cute, inexpensive and very useful!

Of course, you do need to take your budget into consideration.  If you have 100 people on your list and your budget is only 10000 pesos, the average gift should be only 100 pesos.  But if you have the same budget for only 10 people, you may have an average of 1000 per gift, if you're willing to spend that much.

Remember that gifts are that -- gifts!  They should come from the heart and not just because you feel that it is an obligation!

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