Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Decade!

What did you do as a welcome to the New Year?

We DIDN'T have firecrackers. Since hubby and I are both doctors and we've seen a lot of firecracker injuries up close and personal during our stints in the emergency room, we decided that it was just not worth it. It's like burning money. And with 2 small kids, we just do not want to risk injuries.

We did make noise though. My cousin gave Baby R a "band set" toy and my kids used the cymbals and the drum with gusto. We also bought torotot (makeshift horn). It was so much fun for the family, and much much safer too!

Oh, and the kids jumped at midnight! It's tradition. The elders said that it's supposed to make kids taller (like an hgh supplement?). Well, my eldest jumped and my little one -- I lifted her up repeatedly. LOL

Happy New Decade, everyone, and stay safe!

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