Sunday, January 2, 2011

We had a short Tagaytay getaway!

My family went on a short (just overnight) getaway to Tagaytay. To keep costs down, we stayed at a relative's house rather than at a hotel (in all honesty, it was the thought of free accommodations that clinched the decision to go). We just had to bring our own bedsheets and light blankets (my mom brought a cashmere throw). 

We would have saved even more if we didn't eat out.  We're thinking of doing just that for summer.  Probably another week in Tagaytay to recharge and bond with the kids.  We're thinking of just bringing our own rice and rice cooker, maybe some sardines, quick cooking oatmeal, etc. so that we spend less money and time on eating (waiting and eating at the more popular restos took quite a long time!) and more on activities for the kids.

Can't wait!

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