Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cool party idea!

This looks like an interesting deal. P5,250 for a Crazy Party Room Package at Victoria Court! And it's good for 20 people. I've heard a lot about Victoria Court but haven't really been there, but its themed rooms, some with classic decors, others with modern furniture, while still others with an Austin Powers vibe, are legend.

Package includes room for 7 hours with Sound system, LCD TV, Videoke, Jacuzzi, Mini Ref, etc.  Food good for 10 people is included.  You can choose among the following:  Tuna Jalapeno, Onion Ring, Potato croquette, Spicy sausages, Canapes, Noodles, Crispy Kare-kare, Pinakbet with Lechon, Shrimp Roll, Priston Chicken … you'll be able to select for you and your partymate several food items and also pitchers among Beer, Cocktail, Lemond Ice Tea or Gulaman!  Waived corkage fee, no additional guest charge!

If I were planning for a Bridal Shower, I'd take this offer.  Now that I'm a mom and my world has my 2 kids as priority, I wonder if this package would work for a kid's party as well.  It would also be a great idea for a Christmas party with a small group!  Hmmmmm......

If you're interested in this offer and is currently not a member of cashcashpinoy, I'd appreciate it if you use this link to join

Hurry!  Only 15 hours to buy (as of this writing).

Happy partying!

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