Sunday, February 27, 2011


My brother's wife is due to give birth anytime. They are currently trying to enjoy the last of the days of just-you-and-me time together, and that's good. When you have kids, things just change. Priorities shift, and the little bundle of joy always comes first.

My husband and I know that while raising our 2 little kids, things like dates take a little more effort (looking for somebody to look after the little ones, making sure there was enough breastmilk for the baby, things like that) and big things like taking advantage of cruise deals and even out-of-town trips would take even more planning (whether or not to take the kids and the nannies, and if not, who'll take care of them while we are away).

While we enjoy parenthood, we are very much aware that you need to be VERY committed. So, yeah, I do understand it when couples sometimes do not want to have kids, either temporarily or permanently.

But while it may be difficult, parenthood is something that I really do not regret. I can no longer imagine our life without those 2 little pint sized beings to make it more interesting.

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