Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ready for power outages

Early this week, we experienced a power outage which lasted for about an hour. Our neighbors were ready with their yamaha generators while we had a couple of rechargeable lamps and some candles (can't afford the generator). While the rechargeable lamps were quite safe, the candles post a fire hazard.  Over the past month, I've heard of fires in Metro Manila in which is, ironically, the Fire Prevention Month.

We're thinking of just buying more rechargeable lamps to keep on standby, because not only are they safer, they also provide more light than just the candles.

Hubby also bought a rechargeable electric fan because he realized that without electricity, our home could become quite hot and humid.

Would have been ideal if we had a generator so the refs could be continuously powered, but in the absence of one, we just had to remember not to open the refrigerator door unless it was absolutely necessary.

I really hope we won't get any long blackouts this year! Such a hassle.

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