Sunday, March 27, 2011

Remember your sewage?

A few days ago, we noticed that there was some dirty water seeping from the floor to our breakfast nook. A whiff told us that it was probably sewage water. First order of the day was to ask MWSS to "suck" the septic tank. My brother called them up, and one day they came with a big truck, and with a metal hose, they suctioned the dirty water from the sewage. We spent a little over 800 pesos for that service. Not too expensive actually.

I know we sometimes forget about the "dirty water" in our houses, but really, we have to remember to have it suctioned once in a while. The MWSS slip says at least every 6 years. And 800+ pesos is really not that high a price to pay for something that would help ensure our health.

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