Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deal or no deal

There are so many group buying sites nowadays. I've featured a few of their deals here on this blog. Everybody loves a bargain, and group buying discounts usually give deep discounts off rack prices and very tempting offers. Lately, there have also been some unusual offers, like discounts off cosmetic surgery procedures, LASIK procedures on top of the usual food, massage and travel deals. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd see discounts for bipolar rehab treatment centers one of these days!

However, one has to exercise due diligence if seeing if the deal is, indeed, a good deal.  There are some so-called deals which shows a good discount when being compared with usual rack prices, but when you check and do some computations, there actually is no discount at all!  Or worse, you actually pay more for something that you could have spent less on!  With the internet, nowadays, you can do your research and check if the deal is really a deal.

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