Sunday, May 29, 2011

Discount Pimple Treatment

I was "cursed" with bad acne during my years as a medical student. Since I was already in twenties then, it was even worse for my self esteem than having them when I was a teen was (since everybody had already outgrown it by then).

I wish now I hadn't picked on them and realized that my case was related to stress and wacked out hormones. What ultimately made them disappear was 3 months of Diane 35, an anti androgen birth control pill. But then the scars still remain to this day. Sigh. At least I know how to advise my kids when they get their skin problems. Perhaps they'll have better skin than me.

Anyway, this just goes to show that the best blackhead remover and acne/pimple treatment is not the same for everybody. It's still better to see the professionals. Avoid picking on them! And although derma visits are not cheap, it pays off in the long run.

In case you're on a budget but you think you need a professional medical skin treatment, here's a deal from Ensogo:
Only P300 for a Pimple Treatment at YJC Beauty & Slim Center, Manila (valued at P700)

Now, you have to be a member of Ensogo to avail of this, so if you're not a member already, do join first by clicking on THIS LINK.

 To a more beautiful you!

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