Friday, May 27, 2011

On getting sick

Hubby and I were sick. While I guess we dropped a little weight, I wouldn't recommend it as a weight loss solution. I'd still go for the conventional exercise and diet, and well, maybe read up on hydroxycut reviews.

Getting sick is no joke! We can't work -- thus no income since we depend on being there and actually seeing patients in order to earn. I have to hide from my kids since I didn't want them to catch the bug. Sigh.

But it did give my hubby and I some overdue alone time, even if it was only to commiserate in our shared miseries. We got to bond over Skyflakes and tea. And, we got an unspoken license to stay in bed all day. Not exactly the way we wanted it to be. But then I'd like to look at the silver lining.

But, I'd take more care from now on. We stand to lose a lot when we're sick, so we better make sure there is little chance of that. We're probably be getting a flu shot sometime soon. So are our kids. A little prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

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