Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley

Only 1 week left to go! Pacquiao, dubbed "The People's Champ", once again has a fight, this time with Shane Mosley. Manny Pacquiao captured the imagination of the Filipino people when he emerged from being a skinny newbie boxer to one of the greatest boxers of all time. You can be sure that his muscles came about with hard work and training (maybe boosted somewhat by a little creatine powder in his diet, but again maybe not).  It will be difficult another boxer as talented and as accomplished than the Pac-Man.

A few weeks ago, I saw several coupon sites offering discounted tickets for a live coverage of the upcoming fight.  Most of them included meals and are housed in comfy hotels.  Now I cannot see them anymore.  I suppose they are already sold out, seeing how near it is to the actual date and how popular Manny Pacquiao is.  This is just to highlight that you should really reserve tickets early if you want a good deal for something that's sure to be a hit because not only will you miss out on deals, you might miss out on the opportunity as well.

Well, there's sure to be a lot of TV and radio coverage on the day itself, just not as comfy as a hotel live screening, so if the fight is what you're after, you basically have not lost the chance to watch it.

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