Sunday, May 22, 2011

Service Center

One thing we learned the hard way is not to buy too many products that have no service centers here in the Philippines.

We have an old laptop which is not a brand that is popular in the Philippines. When we encountered some problems with it, we had a difficult time having it repaired since it does not have a service center here.  That's probably why we do not see RV's around, there's no rv repair or services, not to mention difficult to maneuver around our narrow side streets and provincial roads. If there are any around, they're probably imported.  I just hope they don't break down because it's going to be very difficult to repair.

So, we now keep in mind that even if we're out of the country, we should buy something that has after sales service here in the Philippines so that it would be easier for us in the long run.

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makati office space said...

Look for compatible hardware to your device so you can have it repaired.

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