Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Raising practical kids

I'm so proud of my kids for not being "bilmoko" (a shortened Tagalog phrase which means "ibili mo ako" or "buy me...")  You could actually bring them to the toy store and get out of the store without them whining or having tantrums about us not getting a particular toy which caught their fancy.  My son is probably the only boy in school who does not have a PS3...and I like it that way.  I'd like to raise them in such a way as to not have too many wants.  Other people may say that my kids are "deprived" compared to other kids but I really do not think so.  One does not need to have every little whim satisfied to be happy.  In fact, I think the happiest people are those who do not have too many wants, since they do not feel bad if they do not get those things that are really not important at all.

I hope my kids continue to be happy without all the fancy contraptions or things that will surely come their way.  I want them to be practical -- not wasting their money on trivial things that lose their luster after a while. 

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