Tuesday, June 21, 2011


When I was still in training as an ophthalmology resident, I was so excited to buy my equipment. At that time, eye centers were not commonplace and most ophthalmology practices had the doctors buying their own equipment. They were major purchases, I tell you. And I was advised then that it's best to buy while I was still in training because prices go up every year.

Years later, I do regret my decision to plunk down a huge portion of the money I've saved up through the years via gifts from relatives. Well, it was true, the equipment I've bought at the time have increased in value. There are now cheaper alternatives, like India or China made slit lamps instead of the name brands like Haag Streit or Topcon. I didn't have to use my own operating microscope.

But now, all the clinics I'm practicing in have equipment for ophthalmologists, unlike before when you had to provide for even the basic medical equipment like exam tables. Now, it's rare for clinics to not have these equipment. I really did not see that coming.

Sometimes I feel like I should sell my equipment (they're rarely used), clear the clutter and just get my money, but what's stopping me is that I would lose a lot of money that way.  Most new doctors are not willing to spend for the name brands too, so I won't be able to sell them at the price that I want.  Sigh.

A seemingly practical decision which turned out to be not so practical.

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