Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jewelry (vs bags)

My husband was telling me that one of our anesthesiologists moonlight as an alajera -- she sells jewelry. Not being very familiar with jewelry prices, he was pretty taken aback when he learned about the prices. We both agreed though, that for about the same price as a high end ladies' bag, jewelry is a better investment. You can get cash for gold, because it is a finite resource and has been considered a valuable commodity for centuries and in every culture.  I mean, almost everybody can appreciate gold, not everybody can appreciate a Hermes bag.  I'm sure a lot of women wouldn't agree with me, but that's how I see it.

In a bind, jewelry can also be pawned in order to get a temporary loan.  Of course, you would be lugi (losing money) if you don't  get it from the pawnshop later when the cash flow problem subsides.

I certainly hope I could buy a few good pieces that I can pass on to my son and daughter.  Because jewelry is not just about its value when sold.  It's also something that can be passed from generation to generation as a legacy, and I hope I could pass on a legacy to my descendants.

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