Sunday, July 31, 2011

The rental option

I do not know of anybody who doesn't dream of owning their own home. I am one of those people who am still holding on to that dream, although through the years, that dream has been somewhat downsized. I used to dream that I'd have a big house with a big garden, plenty of room, located near the places I frequent. When I started earning, it became somewhat farfetched. A townhouse seemed more feasible. Later, a condo. Finally, I'm even considering rental homes already. I used to think that renting is not a good option, because you don't get to own it, but if you only have a certain amount of money to budget for a home every month, that is the cheaper option if you want a space of your own. And, you don't have to think about realty taxes, repairs etc.

Now to find one that would fit our budget and requirements is another story.  Good luck to me!

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