Thursday, July 14, 2011

Say it with flowers

Is it practical to send flowers? I used to NOT think so. I mean, flowers eventually wilt. So what used to be an elegant arrangement which costs a lot would end up in a trash can in the end. But that's the "practical side" of me speaking. As a women, I still get a thrill when the husband gives me flowers "just because".  And I love it when they're red.  It means "I love you" and what wife wouldn't want to be assured of her husband's love?

Flowers are also a good way to send messages across when it's difficult to say the words. Somebody I know from work received flowers from a recent ex. He didn't send it himself but ordered if from an online site similar to It was a bunch of pink roses. The girl took it to mean that he just wants to be friends -- it was truly over. I didn't count the number of flowers but it's supposed to also convey something.

So, while it may truly be expensive, showing how you feel when you couldn't express the words through flowers is one way to do it, while giving a thoughtful gift in the process.

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