Friday, August 19, 2011

I want to record TV programs but how?

I sometimes wish that we had one of these digital converters! It will be very useful for us. My brother used our VHS before, using old tapes over and over again, but now, our recorder/player has broken down and I don't know any place where it can be repaired.

My husband loves some TV shows like NCIS and some TV specials but he doesn't get to watch them. For several reasons -- the kids hog the TV, my little boy has to do his homework or study for his test, the program plays at an inconvenient time.

My kids also like certain cartoons, but I would really like to limit them to just a few shows and of course, if homework and tests are going to be done, TV will have to be deferred. We tried looking for DVDs of his favorite shows, but they don't seem to be available locally AND they are really expensive.

Maybe it will be more affordable in the months or years to come.  We'll wait for the time when we can finally afford them.  (Or if somebody has an idea where to buy this cheaply, please tell me.)

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