Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still technically homeless

Almost all Pinoys dream of one day owning their own hearth and home. But sadly, it's a difficult dream to achieve. I've been looking at ads, and if I find something that's suitable for our small family, it's out of our financial reach, even if I check city payday loans, PAG-IBIG loans or bank loans. Sigh.  If I find something that's within reach, I'd find that it's located far away from the city, far from our work and our kid's school.  Still not a practical option since we'll be spending a lot for gasoline (whose prices seem to be always moving UP) and toll (and they now impose MORE taxes.  Tsk tsk tsk.

So now, living with relatives, while needing to have to swallow some pride and to give up on decision making, is still the best option for now. Although if we find a place that's within our financial capacity and with a reasonable location, we'll get it.

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