Friday, September 2, 2011

Good vacation

Everybody has a different view of a good vacation. Some people love looking at historical sites, touring old churches, buildings and landmarks. Some prefer the great outdoors, perhaps the beach with various water activities, some prefer hiking or mountaineering. Other people would prefer modern delights like amusement parks or for the older sets, maybe a casino. Still others prefer to relax in a luxurious hotel with the staff holding Concierge Jobs looking after their every need. Others prefer shopping till they drop. That's why it's sometimes difficult to find a good vacation spot that would cater to everybody. Because everybody's idea of fun is different. I guess for a family vacation, it's best to look for a place that may have activities that would cater to everybody. I guess that's why places like Subic are popular -- because they have a little bit of something for everybody -- the adventurous, the shopaholic, the nature tripper, the beach lover, the gambler etc. ...and of course, it's easier to have a vacation with fewer people. :)

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