Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trust issues with nannies

In one of my mailing lists, an online aquaintance was very disappointed with a helper that she thought was trustworthy but had stolen small amounts of money from her. It's really difficult to totally trust people these days. But then it's also difficult to do everything ourselves because, let's face it, we are only human and cannot do everything ourselves.

 One of my worries is leaving my kids with just the nannies. Our present nannies seem to be good and trustworthy, but with my online aquaintance's experience, somehow I get a bit scared. That's one of the reasons why we are still living here at my mother's, so that our kids will have grandma watching over them. Although of course this could not be a permanent arrangement. We know that someday we do have to move out. I'm thinking if security cameras would be a good enough measure if the nannies are home with the kiddies while me and hubby are away?

 Oh well, I guess there is no perfect setup. We just have to adjust to whatever situation we find us in. Good luck to us.

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