Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No prohibited drugs

It seems like a no-brainer that one should not get involved with prohibited drugs -- to put it bluntly, they do bad things to your body at a high price and you develop a dependence to it. Getting out of it is not easy too, there are simply not too many drug rehab treatment centers around, and you do need to have some resources in order to stay there for the time it takes to try to clear off the drug habit AND not work at the same time. So, it sometimes is a puzzle on why some people would willingly enter into the "drug trap", as I would like to call it. Maybe it's the thrill? Or is it an escape from reality? It might be difficult to get a person to say why he went into the habit in the first place. As a parent, I would like my kids to be secure enough, happy enough, and knowledgeable enough about the consequences in order that they won't fall into it. Correction: it's our duty to make sure that they don't. Because you lose so much when you become a drug dependent.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Live a little

I feel bad that we do not have the budget yet to buy the things that we WANT. I know we should be thankful that we can now more or less finance out needs like food, clothing and shelter, but luxuries and wants like an all terrain with atv power steering, new cellphones and laptops and gadgets like Ipads are still not practical for us at this point. I'd like to think that we should sometimes "live a little" and enjoy the finer things in life, however, for people like us who watch over the budget like a hawk, it's crucial not to spend too much on wants, especially when the "needs" will have to be compromised. Do not deprive yourself. While you may not be able to afford the high end toys and gadgets, small pleasures like eating in a nice restaurant once in while is a nice treat to make you feel good about yourself. I believe ti also gives you a boost so you get more energy working. A little splurge now and then makes for a better frame of mind. Just do not overdo it.

Online shopping for Christmas

Christmas is knocking on our doors, so some people have started on their Christmas lists. Now, more and more people are turning to online shopping as an alternative way to buy presents as people have less and less time to go shopping in the malls. I like that, actually! It's a lazy person's (like me) way to shop. You do not have to go to a mall, park (which becomes even more difficult at this time of the year), look all day for the perfect gift, line up at the cashier. In a lot of circumstances, you actually save on money if you factor in the money you have to pay for gasoline, parking, and time spent away from doing other things. Another benefit of online shopping is that you can buy gifts for your loved ones residing abroad. Red Envelope is a good site with a great gift selection. There are also discounts available only to online purchasers, of course you have to know how to redeem coupons on RedEnvelope in order to get the benefits. As for the local setting, there are now several options available. You can either shop at multiply, ebay or sulit. Technology certainly has made shopping for gifts so much easier!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who's using my computer?

One of the reasons why I could not log on as often as I want to (and hence update my blogs) is because a little person has been elbowing me out for position in front of my laptop. I'm pretty proud of him, actually, because he was able to google video games. Good thing he plays games like Angry Birds and some puzzle games which are not only safe but I think quite beneficial to him as he was able to think. I wonder if there would come a time when he'd look at the call of duty modern warfare 3 reviews but I'm hoping not now yet, after all, he's only 6 years old. This is the time when my defective laptop is an advantage. The laptop sometimes stops when he uses it (there's some subtle positioning that you should do so it doesn't shut down) so it kinda limits his use. And he can't turn it on because the power switch is broken. I have to use a screwdriver to turn it on. So if your computer has some small problems and you have small kids who might compete with you for computer use, this might even be an advantage!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I think that in a marriage, husband and wife should remember that they are partners in life. That everything they do now impacts the whole family unit, whether it's just the couple, or if there are already kids, even the kids. That's why we have to check on our strengths and weaknesses so that we can let the "expert" do what he/she does best. For example, I have very little knowledge about matters pertaining to cars. I do not even see the difference between a saturn outlook custom floor mats or an ordinary cheap mat, but my husband, while he is not really a mechanic could do simple repairs and critique the job of repair people. So car and handyman duties are his. On the other hand, I'm supposed to be the thriftier person, so I am in charge of the budget. Things like that. We try to do the best that we can as a couple so that our whole family can benefit.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get a good photographer for your wedding

Ask any couple who has gotten married on what they would advise people to spend on and many would say that you should get a good photographer. And it certainly makes sense. Memories of that special day captured by a seasoned raleigh wedding photographer would make better keepsakes than random shots by amateurs. Morever, your guests are there to celebrate the occasion with you, so that should be their main focus -- enjoying your moment, and not be the ones to document the said occasion. Hired photographers can better capture the essence of the wedding without being distracted since that IS their job. So if you're planning a wedding, this is one area you should not scrimp on -- getting a good photographer. If you need to save, just get a labor only package and get the photo files; do away with the other parts of the photo package for now--you can get back to making a good photobook later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Partners in marriage

I've been a bad blogger lately. There are just so many things happening lately that I could simply not keep up. Between an increased practice workload and increasingly hard-to-keep-up-with kids, there are just so many things I want to do but can't. I'm glad that my husband is a great partner, as we basically are a tag team in trying to keep up with our family's needs. And, of course, being different in some aspects help. For example, my husband is the handyman. Ask my about casters and I'll draw a blank stare. Ask my husband and you'll get a more decent answer. But ask me about what diapers are in supply and I can give you a straight answer...he can't. I guess one of the secrets of having a marriage that works is to have a healthy partnership. It can't work if only one person is the one doing everything and the other does nothing. I am not dictating what you should do with your marriage. The idea is that each partner has his/her own strengths and weaknesses and each should try to work together in maximizing strengths and minimizing the shortcomings in order to have a successful family life.

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