Saturday, February 18, 2012

General or specialty?

I was looking at the site of goulds pump. They sell all types of pumps and pump accessories. Pumps for the homes too but mostly pumps for various industries, a lot of which I know zilch about. They are a specialist in pumps. They do not offer anything else.

Businesses and professional practices may be general or specialized.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.   Being a generalist is like being a jack of all trades, you have a bit of everything.  The drawback to this is that can't really have an in depth knowledge of any of them.  Specialists, however, know almost everything to know about 1 thing, but not too much about others.

A general store, or a specialty shop? A general practitioner?  Or a subspecialist?  Both could work.  You just have to find which one works better for you.

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