Friday, February 17, 2012

POS system

I don't have a physical storefront (yet!) but if and when I decide that it's time to expand my online business (, I'd prefer to have a proven Retail POS System in place from the start. That's so I can have a more organized system of keeping records of sales, inventory updates and such.

I come from a family of business people and I've seen how complicated the manual system is. And converting from a manual system to a computerized system midway is even more daunting! I should know, I've been trying to get a good system for my online biz. I'm trying out different systems and getting dizzy in the process! Good thing multiply now has a great system in place so I'm happy. But I need another one to organize everything since not everybody buys from me via multiply. So far sohoos seems promising. If only I have the time to explore it further!

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